I am a New Hampshire-based artist inspired largely by natural history and creepy things. I studied biology and art at the college level, and am now forging my path as a mixed-media illustrator.

You can follow my work on Instagram and Twitter. My username on both is Corvidance, a combination of ‘corvid’ (the family of birds including crows and jays) and ‘dance’. Updates on future shows and vending locations will be posted on these sites.

For a full resume, please contact me.


Art Jam Riverside | Manchester, NH | Sep 2018

KSC Senior Thesis Show | Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery | Keene, NH | May 2018

123 GO! Pop-up Group Show | Carroll House Gallery | Keene, NH | May 2018

Art Jam Bridge Fest | Manchester, NH | Sep 2017