Expert Guide to Preparing Homemade Renal Diet for Cats


Modern-day cats are susceptible to a wide range of health issues, one of the most prevalent being kidney problems. A renal diet specially tailored for cats suffering from such problems can go a long way in bolstering their overall health. Succinctly, a renal diet for cats comprises food items specifically modified to meet the nutritional needs of cats suffering from kidney disease. Herein, we detail how to create a high-grade, homemade renal diet for your cherished feline companion.

Section 1: Understanding Renal Problems in Cats

Renal problems can severely impact the life quality of cats. The two most common types are acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease, distinctly classified by the rapidity of disease progression. While understanding renal health is pertinent, the primary focus should be on proactively managing the condition through a wholesome and homemade cat renal diet.

Section 2: Significance of Homemade Renal Diet

Your cat’s diet plays an instrumental role in managing their kidney issues. A custom renal diet has multiple benefits:

  • Limit phosphorus consumption: Less phosphorus reduces the workload on unhealthy kidneys, slowing the disease progression.
  • Control protein intake: High-quality protein in limited quantities can lower the kidneys’ metabolic waste, facilitating better functioning.
  • Counter acidosis: High bicarbonate food counters acidosis, a prevalent problem in renal patients.
  • Combat hypertension: Certain dietary elements can help control high blood pressure, commonly experienced by cats with kidney issues.

Section 3: Components of a Homemade Cat Renal Diet

A renal-friendly diet revolves around three significant components: high-quality protein, lower phosphorus, and adequate hydration.

  • Protein: Opt for animal-based rather than plant-derived protein. Options like rabbit, chicken, turkey, eggs, and small amounts of liver provide quality protein with lower phosphorus levels.
  • Phosphorus: Use binders where necessary to control phosphorus levels. Consult with your vet to determine if binders are right for your cat.
  • Hydration: Ensure your cat receives adequate hydration. Consider feeding a wet food diet for cats with chronic kidney disease to help maintain hydration levels.

Section 4: Effective Homemade Renal Diet Recipes

  1. Chicken Delight: Use ground chicken breast, a few pinches of chicken liver, two tablespoons of carrot (cooked), two tablespoons of squash (cooked), and a half cup of water. Blend all ingredients until it forms a pate-like consistency.

  2. Fishy Feast: Use fresh mackerel, a few pinches of salmon oil, one tablespoon of peas (cooked), one tablespoon of carrot (cooked), half cup of water, and blend until homogeneous.


Crafting a homemade renal diet for your cat can be a challenging endeavor, but the rewards it yields in terms of your pet’s kidney health are priceless. Consider things like your cat’s taste preferences and nutritional needs. Discuss transitioning plans and detailed renal diet plans with a professional vet. This ultimate guide to preparing your custom, homemade renal diet for cats will significantly aid in your journey toward achieving the best health state for your cat.

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