7 Essential Tips for Choosing a Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post

Getting Started

The inherent urge to scratch is an integral part of every cat’s life. It aids in maintaining sharp claws, asserting dominance, and flexing their muscles. A Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post is a compact and adaptable solution for cat enthusiasts, providing a unique area for your furry companion to fulfill their scratching desires.

The Merits of a Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post

A Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post has several benefits compared to conventional ground models. Notably, it’s a space-efficient solution especially for those residing in compact homes or apartments. In addition, it offers cats a vertical expanse to scratch, which most cats find more appealing. Finally, it can be affixed at varying heights, accommodating different cat sizes and preferences.

Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post

Picking the Ideal Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post

Deciding on the perfect Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post can be challenging given the numerous choices in the market. However, keeping an eye out for certain critical features will ensure you choose the most suitable product for your beloved pet.

Sturdiness and Longevity: The post must be constructed from top-notch materials that can endure repeated use. Sisal rope is highly sought-after due to its robustness and texture that cats adore.

Proportions: The post’s size should correspond to your cat’s size. Larger cats will necessitate a bigger scratching post.

Simplicity of Setup: The post should be easy to assemble with understandable instructions and all necessary fittings provided.

Setting Up a Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post

The procedure of installing a Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post is quite simple. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough:

  1. Pick the Place: Choose a spot that your cat visits often. It should be easily reachable but not obstructive.

  2. Indicate the Spot: Position the post against the wall and mark the points for the screws.

  3. Bore Holes: Drill holes into the wall at the indicated points.

  4. Fix the Scratching Post: Fasten the post to the wall using the drilled holes.

Guiding Your Cat to Use the Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post

Once the post is up, you may need to motivate your cat to utilize the new scratching post. Here are some suggestions:

  • Employ Catnip: Scatter some catnip on the post to lure your cat.

  • Engage Near the Post: Interact with your cat near the post to spark their curiosity.

  • Offer Rewards: Whenever your cat scratches the post, reward them with treats or words of praise.


A Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post is a superb addition to any cat lover’s household. It quenches your cat’s instinctual need to scratch while conserving precious floor area. By selecting a top-quality product and installing it properly, you can offer your feline pal a personal area to scratch and stretch for many years. For more information, check out these insightful facts about cat chin scratches.

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